Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country, with a population of approximately 32.4 million people. Malaysia has the 12th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP (gross domestic product) and is considered one of the newly industrialized countries.
Malaysia is best known for its tropical rainforests, which are home to several different species of animals, including tigers, orangutans, rhinoceros, elephants, clouded leopards, bears and tapirs. The capital city Kuala Lumpur is an international hub for aviation and finance. Tourism in Malaysia is not only focused on nature but also on cultural experiences. If you’re looking for a place with beautiful scenery, exotic culture and delicious food then look no further than Malaysia!

The Top 14 Malaysian Tourist Attractions :2022 Malaysia

The Top 14 Malaysian Tourist Attractions :2022

1. Kuala Lumpur       Malaysia's capital and biggest city brings a lot...

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