The top 15 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh:2022

The top 15 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh:2022

1. Cox’s Bazar



Cox's Bazar
Pouring out into the Bay of Bengal is Cox’s Bazar, a region shrouded in pungent fishing dinghies and clamoring breakwaters.

This little town in the far south-east of Bangladesh is known for its dazzling ocean side which extends for an astounding 120 kilometers from north to south at the edge of the soothing Indian Ocean.

This is the third longest ocean side on earth and you will find nearby anglers pulling in the day’s catch as well as gurgling rock pools and crashing turquoise waves that make this an extraordinary spot for surfing.

2. The Sundarbans



The Sundarbans
The Sundarbans are situated where the strong streams of the Brahmaputra and the frightened Ganges collide with one another at the edge of the Bay of Bengal.

As you would expect, the region is likewise shrouded in tremendous natural life and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here you will find Bengal tigers following the mangroves as well as rhesus macaques swinging in the shades.

Different features incorporate chitals and you will likewise find nearby cottages specked around the area and concealing underneath waxy palm trees.

3. Dhaka



It might appear to be a world away from the wilds of region like the Sundarbans mangroves yet the city of Dhaka offers you a wilderness of an alternate kind.

Rambling along the Buriganga River, Dhaka used to be the home of the British Raj during the frontier time frame as well as Mughal sovereigns and any semblance of Shah Jahan (the modeler of the notable Taj Mahal). These days in excess of 17 million individuals call this city home and you can anticipate sanctuaries, temples, mosques landmarks, and vivid and sweet-smelling markets.

Try to likewise look at the curry and golap restaurants of Old Dhaka while you are here.

4. Srimangal



Srimangal is the tea-developing capital of Bangladesh and the region is an uproar of various shades of green.

The region is renowned for its downpours which assist the tea with developing and you will find an ocean of various manors here as you investigate the good countries and the villas that make up Srimangal.

Out traveling here make a point to visit a nearby tea handling plant which will normally incorporate an excursion to a tasting house with the goal that you can partake in some fragrant tea while partaking in the perspectives over the undulating fields.

Climbing is likewise poplar nearby albeit the undulating scenes imply that a few climbs are more difficult than others.


5. Chittagong



Chittagong has a populace of 2.5 million which isn’t anything when you contrast it with different urban communities like Dhaka.

All things considered, this excited port town is as yet worth a visit, especially on the off chance that you are venturing out to the lovely Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

These perfect paths that incorporate pretty Foy’s Lake are concealed along grand valleys and Chittagong is broadly viewed as the leaping off point assuming that you are arranging a trip.

In the city appropriate you will find Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard where you can see massive big haulers being torn separated, and different spots of interest incorporate the sanctuary of Sufi Amanat Khan, perhaps of the most adored holy person in Bangladesh.

6. Rangamati



Set among the wonderful Chittagong Hill Tracts is the great mountain town of Rangamati which is a tranquil and serene option in contrast to large numbers of Bangladesh’s hysterical urban communities.

The town sits on the banks of Kaptai Lake which is known for its blue and green waters as well as the forests that encompass it.

Little, beautifully painted boats sway on the outer layer of the lake and on the off chance that you are fortunate, you might see an Asian elephant walked around the riverbank.

The primary draw here is the climbing and natural life journeys as well as the brilliant sculpture of Buddha Dhatu Jadi.

Other best positions to visit additionally incorporate the Parjatan Hanging Bridge and the glorious castles of the old Chakma Raj.

7. Bandarban




Encircled by the Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains that ascent to almost 1,000 meters above ocean level is the staggering town of Bandaran.

The region is canvassed in cloudy green and is home to tobacco ranches and ridge posts and there is likewise a vivacious marketplace where you will track down expressions and specialties from the Shan clans from Myanmar across the boundary.

Different motivations to come here incorporate sluggish bamboo boat rides along the grand River Sangu as well as the strong Nilgiri Hill and the crashing waters of the Jadipai Waterfall.

8. Holy person Martin



Holy person Martin
The little territory of Saint Martin is like no place else in Bangladesh as this is the main coral island in the country.

The district is shrouded in moving sands and lapping oceans, all settled near coconut forests.

In numerous ways it seems to be the Caribbean than South Asia, and you will track down flavorful fish here including searing curries.

Scuba jumping is likewise a famous diversion, so if you need to look at a portion of the nation’s astonishing sea-going life then this is the spot to make it happen.

9. Paharpur


Paharpur is a diminutive town which is generally notable for the Naogaon District where you will find UNESCO World Heritage Site ruins called Somapura Mahavihara.

This spot is supposed to be perhaps of the most captivating Buddhist archeological site in South Asia and appears as a huge redbrick quadrangle which is separated with rear entryways and chambers that would have been reflection rooms in a long time ago.

Make a point to look at the elaborate stone work which traces all the way back to the eighth 100 years.

10. Kuakata





Kuakata Beach extends out into the Indian Ocean from the southern side of the stream islands of focal Bangladesh.

One of the obvious motivations to come here is to watch the nightfall over the ocean with the gleaming Sundarbans somewhere far off.

The ocean side is bordered with tropical palm trees and you will likewise track down little streams that slice through the land to the Bay of Bengal.

This area of Bangladesh is less visited by sightseers so in the event that you are searching for the less common direction, this is a decent spot to pick.

A portion of individuals you will see here are the neighborhood angler and you can test delectable curried crab and lobster.

11. Sylhet




Situated in the rich high countries of the north of the country, Sylhet is canvassed in tropical timberlands and tea manors.

This piece of Bangladesh has a set of experiences that goes back 800 years and you will find Hindu holy places in Jaflong that are gradually being taken over by the rich growth.

In the focal point of Sylhet you will find markets selling heaps of tea leaves and local people cycling in and out of town.

You will likewise find the Bangladesh-India line here at Tamabil-Jaflong as well as the Lawacherra Rainforest which is known for its occupant panthers.

12. Gaur (Lakhnauti)




Gaur (Lakhnauti)
The old city of Gaur sits on the Indian boundary and is situated in north-eastern Bangladesh.

These days the city is demolished and uninhabited and you will consider red-tinted curves to be well as pinnacles and disintegrating landmarks.

Fights for control between the Afghans and the Mughals implied that the town was deserted in the sixteenth 100 years and you ought to make a point not to miss the relics here like the cut stone reliefs in the Eunuchs’ Mosque and the illustrious burial places.

13. Bagerhat




Bagerhat isn’t generally so popular as Dhaka or Srimangal however this tranquil city in the south west of the nation has a variety of noteworthy attractions that you can appreciate at a more slow speed.

The city was established in the fifteenth 100 years by the Sufi Saint Khan Jahan Ali and it is the home of the Shait Gumbad Mosque.

Here you will find transcending vaults and you can likewise go on an outing to the burial chamber of Saint Khan Jahan Ali which is normally covered with contributions and encircled by reciting explorers.

14. Barisal




If you somehow happened to take a gander at Barisal from above then it would look like an interwoven of sloppy brown and dark green fields.

This stream town on the Ganges Delta is shrouded in fields of shrimp homesteads and rice paddies and in the event that you make it here, make certain to look at the drifting business sectors that sell neighborhood vegetables, natural products, and fish.

15. Sonargaon




Sonargaon used to be a flourishing exchanging center point however presently something of a phantom town rides the Ganges.

Here you will track down creepy cut chateaus and docks, old mosques, and wilderness plants in the middle between everything.

To see something else altogether of Bangladesh that many individuals don’t insight, then this is the spot to come.

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