Ten Things To Do In Bali

Ten Things To Do In Bali

The Best Of Bali: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bali

We’ve been writing about the blog and Bali for even longer than that. In the past five years, we’ve learned so much about this beautiful country and its people. We want to share that learning with you, and like always, we’ve got the insights and knowledge to make your Gondolese lifestyle series a thing of history.

>>ista the first thing you should check out is Bali’s cookbook. It’s huge!

Bali the exotic Island

Bali is a beautiful island. From the incredibly clean and fresh water to the exotic flora and fauna, Bali is a place that will make you want to visit again and again.

But it’s not just beautiful. It’s also fun and adventurous! There are so many things to do in Bali, so we’ve made sure our guidebook is comprehensive enough to help you get started in an instant!

What’s in the Cookbook?

The Cookbook is a compilation of all the travel information we’ve created for our Gondolese series. From what to do to where to go, all this content has been written to help you plan your Gondolese adventure.

There are no hidden fees or tricks here. All of the advice and tips are in plain English. We’ve also added an extra bonus: two guest posts from Bali locals, which we hope you’ll read and learn something new about the country!

With over 100 pages of content, there’s tons of information to explore and digest. Here are just some highlights:

10 things you didn’t know about Bali

Okay, now that you’ve checked out the book, go to your favorite travel agency and ask them to send you on a tour of Bali. Not only will they be able to guide you through the best things to do in Bali, but they’ll also have suggestions for what not to do. That way you won’t end up with a bunch of itinerary scraped off the bottom of the internet.

But don’t worry: We’ll keep it short and sweet! Here are 10 things that we didn’t know about this beautiful island paradise.

1. Every beach is beautiful.

The beaches at Lombok are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are dozens of them scattered across an area approximately four times larger than Manhattan Island. They’re huge! You can walk from one beach to another without even leaving your resort villa or hotel room. Or if you want to get away from all the tourists, head to one of these hidden gems: Dalem Beach (the easternmost beach); Sanglah Beach (the westernmost beach); Selong Beach (northwesternmost beach). And don’t forget about Gunung Gede, which is located right next door…


What to make of the five year anniversary?

Five years ago, we wrote our first post on the Gondolese. We wanted to share a little about what we’ve learned about Bali in this time. And after five years, we’ve grown with the blog and become more than just travelers. So what has our journey been like?

A lot of interesting things have happened to us over the past few years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our love for travel and its many benefits. There’s nothing like giving your body a break by traveling while being surrounded by amazing people in beautiful places. But as time goes on, it becomes more challenging to find time for vacation when you have so much work at home!

We’re not saying that it’s impossible to find time for travel when you have a full-time day job — but it’s definitely harder!

It takes longer to plan the trip and make sure you have all your equipment assembled before you get there; you can’t take any unforeseen events into account if they can affect your plans; and you’ll likely miss out on some great experiences because you’re too busy working. If you want to be able to travel as much as possible, then having enough free time every week is probably something

The best of Bali (so far)?

The cookbook is a fantastic resource for learning about Bali. Not only does it contain delicious recipes, but it also includes information about where to travel to and what to do in the area. There’s helpful maps of the island and a thorough list of local food spots.

This book will help you make the most of your trip to one of the world’s top destinations. The site also offers other travel guides that are worth checking out, such as South Korea , Chile and China .

>>A quick search on Pinterest will show you some incredible images for your fabulous trip to Bali!

10 things you should know about Bali now?

Whether you’re a tourist or planning to visit Bali, here are some things you should know. These are the top 10 things you should know about Bali now.

1. There are several options for transport in Bali: • Bus – Buses run throughout the day and night, and travel between main towns. • Taxi – A popular taxi is included with most tours, which can be hired at hotels or on the street. • Boat – Boats do not run during high season (October-December), but there are still plenty of boats around to help you get around the island.

2. When visiting a temple, it’s best to arrive before dawn and stay until sunset so that you can see as many major temples as possible in daylight hours (therefore avoiding crowds).

3. It’s important to dress modestly when visiting temples; covering your arms, shoulders, chest and legs will help prevent unwanted attention from men hoping to take advantage of your body parts. In fact, even if you’re wearing shorts or bikini bottoms, it’s best to wear a sarong (a traditional sarong that comes down just above the ankles) because people look at women differently when they’re shorter than tall (and shorter women


In case you missed it, here are the link to:

If you want to help out with this series and get some insider tips about Gondola life, contact us at [email protected] or on Twitter @Gondolinelife

Eating Food

in Bali

we are talking about the food.

We are not talking about the culture, the people or anything like that. The food is what’s most important. We have tons of tips and tricks to make the best of it.

The first thing you should do is take a look at this list of Bali’s favorite foods and try out some new dishes for yourself!

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