15 Best Places to Visit in East Timor (Timor-Leste) 2022

15 Best Places to Visit in East Timor (Timor-Leste) 2022

1. Dili




The major city in East Timor is Dili, where you may find thatch-roofed homes alongside modern restaurants, textile stores, vegetable markets, and seafood booths. When whales are migrating, you may savor freshly prepared seafood, sip coconut water, and observe them from the beaches of Dili. Diverse corals, blue moray eels, trevally, scorpion fish, reef sharks, and other marine life can be found in abundance in Dili, making it a popular diving destination all year long.

The Cristo Rei, a 27-meter-tall monument of Jesus Christ that overlooks the city, is where most instructions in Dili are given. The second-largest statue of Jesus Christ in the entire globe is called Cristo Rei. The magnificent vistas are worth the effort to trek up to Cristo Rei while in Dili.

2. Atauro Island



Atauro Island

Atauro Island, which can only be reached by boat, is located thirty kilometers from the beaches of Dili. World-class diving, strolling trails, and the possibility of seeing the local dolphin pod may all be found here. Since the word “atauro” in the local tongue means “goat,” several goats should be present.

Atauro Island served as the neighborhood jail during the colonization by the Portuguese and the Indonesians. Today, the area’s undeveloped beaches are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, and inland, paths lead through cleared jungle to bustling settlements known for their wooden sculpture and crafts.

You may also practice traditional fishing with homemade goggles and spearguns for a fee.

3. Baucau




Nearly two independent cities might exist within Baucau. Portuguese colonial architecture may be seen in Old Town, while new construction with Indonesian influences can be found in New Town. Visit the gleaming yellow government structure, which once served as the village market.

Visit the beautiful Venilale structures and explore the caverns the Japanese forces carved out during World War II on the southern side. The settlements of Ossu and Viqueque, located farther south, provide swimming in freshwater rivers, cave exploration, and waterfall viewing.

4. Suai





The major settlement in East Timor, Suai, sits on the country’s southern coast, and fishing is the main source of income for most locals. You may observe traditional dances, stroll along the town’s fine sandstone beaches, and explore the River Tafara in Suai.

Visit the town’s biggest attraction, Our Lady of Fatima Church, where you may locate a memorial to the horrific church massacre that claimed 200 lives if you’re interested in learning more about the darkest aspects of East Timor’s history.

5. Lautem



The Lautem area is the ideal blend of culture and environment, with a healthy bird population, stunning beaches, and prehistoric artwork. The homes in this area are frequently perched on slender stilts and made entirely of thin bamboo, wood, and dried grass, almost defying gravity.

You could have a beach or nature trail to yourself because the Lautem is so underdeveloped. Visit the villages of Viqueque and Lospalos as well as the beach at Tutuala for a taste of the region’s delights.

6. Maubisse




International visitors and locals of Dili alike enjoy taking vacations at Maubisse, one of East Timor’s most well-liked destinations. The single hotel in the community, Pousada de Maubisse, hasn’t been updated since the 1950s despite having lovely views.

Once more, like in all of East Timor, aim for a memorable and exciting experience rather than a lavish one. Maubisse is the ideal place to use as a base if you’re an energetic hiker hoping to clim b Mount Ramelau.

b Mount Ramelau.

7. Lake Ira Lalaro




Lake Ira Lalaro


Lake Ira Lalaro, the biggest lake in East Timor, is ideal for a day excursion of mountain riding and exploration. However, because the lake is also home to the majority of the nation’s crocodile population, keep all of your activities on land and refrain from swimming.

Because there aren’t many stores around, make sure you carry enough of food and drink.

8. Mt. Matebian



Mt. Matebian

Thousands of pilgrims travel to the base of Mt. Matebian on All Souls Day, making it one of East Timor’s most revered locations. Jesus Christ is shown in a statue atop Mount Matebian. You’ll probably need more than twelve hours to trek to the peak and return if you’re interested in reaching the top.

The mountain is known by two nicknames often. It is sometimes referred to as the Mountain of Spirits since the locals think that this mountain is where their ancestors’ souls rest. Another reason it’s known as the Mountain of the Dead is because of military action during World War II, when Japanese soldiers dug a network of tunnels and caverns while also killing numerous civilians.  Due to its history, Mt. Matebian is a touch point for East Timor culture.

9. Jaco Island


Jaco Island


Jaco Island is a unique paradise of white sand and an active marine life of reef sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, and technicolor fish. It is completely free of any traces of crowds or tourists. Hire a local fisherman to drive you to and from the mainland and back to Jaco Island if you wish to see it (they might even catch you your dinner and prepare it for you for a small fee).

Jaco Island is virtually deserted since it is considered sacred. The only places to stay the night are a little hotel and a camping spot. Food and supplies should be brought.

10. Same



This community, which is situated inland from the nation’s shore and is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, provides a genuine glimpse of East Timor’s small-town life.

Those looking for a memento will enjoy browsing the neighborhood market, which is well-known for its crafts and tai, a kind of cloth.

11. Betano




An undeveloped black-sand beach called Betano previously belonged to a Timorese kingdom. Use Betano as a base today to go to neighboring Viqueque to see the mangrove marshes.

Riders of the Tour de Timor, who mountain bike the length of the nation in only five days, frequently mention Betano as one of their favorite sections.

12. Mt. Ramelau



Mt. Ramelau

Hikers must climb Mount Ramelau, where lodging is available in the town of Hatubuilico at the mountain’s foot. Most hikers start before dawn and finish the six-hour journey from bottom to summit.

You’ll reach a statue of the Virgin Mary, another well-known Catholic icon in the nation, after three hours of climbing.

Locals seeking to strengthen their religion frequently visit a church close to Mt. Ramelau’s top.

13. Com




Come to Com, a little beach town in East Timor, if you want to have a more resort-style vacation. The main route follows the shoreline and offers a choice of lodging options and dining establishments. Grab a glass of white wine and take in the sunshine while relaxing on the beach.

Crocodiles prevent swimming, but you may still shop, go fishing, tour Portuguese colonial sites, and go hiking. Stay at Com Beach Resort, which also has camping areas, for upmarket lodging.

14. Marobo



Hidden and little frequented, Marobo is suitable for a day journey from the hamlet of Maliana. Swim in the natural springs at the foothills of the mountains, the Marobo Hot Springs.

You must travel past Timorese homesteads before you reach the resort ruins on your way to the hot springs. Even though the resort is no longer there, a sizable pool, mud bath, and mineral bath are still in use, giving the area a sinister feel.

15. Nino Konis National Park


Nino Konis National Park

This lowland rainforest, which is home to more than 250 bird species, fauna, hiking routes, and other attractions, is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are nature-obsessed.

Watch out for the highly endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo, a stunning and perceptive bird.

Unusually, a significant piece of the Coral Triangle, a rich marine environment for diving and snorkeling, is also included in the national park.

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