Astypalea the most beautiful city in Greece

Astypalea the most beautiful city in Greece

10 Things to do in Astypalea, the most beautiful city in Greece!

Astypalea is the most beautiful city in Greece, and it doesn’t stop there! Here are 10 amazing things to do in Astypalea!

Visit the ancient ruins of the city!

Here in Astypalea, there are two major ruins that capture the imagination of many people. The first is the Amphora Hill ruin, which was built around 300 BC by King Philip II of Macedonia. The second is the Palace Tomb, which was built by Philip II himself in honor of his wife and mother-in-law (who died young).

Both sites are worth a visit. If you’ve ever wondered what life was like during ancient times or if you’ve always wanted to visit Greece and see its history, this may be your chance to do it!

Take a picture of the sea

and upload it to Instagram

It’s not the most beautiful day in Greece, but there are plenty of reasons why you should take a picture of the sea and upload it to Instagram. You’ll find that people from all over the world will love looking at your photo and sharing it with friends.

Play a game of beach volleyball


Are you a fan of beach volleyball? If so, you should definitely check out Astypalea! This is the best place in Greece to play beach volleyball!

I have never played beach volleyball before. I’m pretty new to it and didn’t know where else to go in Greece to play this game. I was told that Astypalea is the best place to play beach volleyball in Greece, so I was excited to try it out. The first thing I did was go online and book a hotel room there. When I arrived at Astypalea, it felt like the perfect location for me to practice my skills. It’s ideal because while you are playing beach volleyball, you can also be relaxing on the sand by the sea or walking around town.

Explore the city’s history

Astypalea was founded in the 6th century BC by a king. It was a prosperous city because of its port and excellent stone quarries, until it fell into decline after the Roman empire took over Greece.

After the Romans destroyed Ancient Greece, they built an aqueduct that ran through the heart of the city. The aqueduct is still there today, and you can see it from almost every vantage point in Astypalea.

Take a walk in the park

One of the most beautiful things to do in Astypalea is to walk through its parks.

The main park, Sarapisia, is known as one of the best and oldest parks in Greece. It has a wide green space with an impressive old temple dedicated to Athena.

You can enjoy the views from above, or simply taking a stroll around this park.

Another great thing about Astypalea is that it’s home to a national park called Athlitaki National Park. This park is located on the Greek-Macedonian border and extends all the way to Albania and Macedonia. The park protects many rare species of animals including deer, foxes, eagles, hares and wolves!

Go to a movie at the theater

Astypalea has some great theaters so you can go for a movie or two. You will definitely enjoy it.

Go shopping in the mall

There is no better place to shop than in the Astypalea mall. It’s big, but not too big. There’s a beach right in front of the shopping mall, and you can take a walk down to the beach without worrying about being seen.

The food here is great and authentic Greek food.

I ate here last year and was amazed by how delicious everything was! The prices are astronomical, but it’s still worth it to eat here!

Get lost in one of the many pedestrian streets

Get lost in one of the many pedestrian streets in Astypalea and see life differently. Walk around, explore and discover the city at your own pace!

It’s a beautiful town with such an interesting history that you’ll find yourself mesmerized by its colorful streets. The city is full of trails, gardens and cobblestone roads.

Greece has so much to offer to visitors, but it’s not just about the beaches or ancient sights. You can also take part in some exciting activities at Astypalea like mountain biking, hiking and horse riding.

Swim in the ocean or spend time at a beach bar

If you’ve ever visited the island of Santorini, you will have noticed that it’s the perfect place for a beach holiday. It has stunning white sand beaches, warm blue water in the Mediterranean Sea and an abundance of greenery.

Besides being a beautiful place to unwind, there are also some great things to do here, too. If you’re looking for something more active than relaxing, head on over to one of the many beaches or head out into the water and enjoy your vacation by swimming or sunning yourself on a gorgeous beach bar. No matter which activity you choose to put in your body this summer, it’s worth noting that not only is Santorini a peaceful haven away from work and stress but it’s also home to some world-class beaches!

Eat some delicious local food.

The Greek people have an incredible food culture, and it’s safe to say that there are more than a few delicious dishes you can enjoy in Astypalea. From local favorites like dolmades, souvlaki and ouzo to international favorites such as beef Stroganoff, this is the perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon.

Of course, not all of these delicious dishes are actually local. Many restaurants in the area serve up international flavor with exotic ingredients and flavors. Even if you don’t like Greek food, you can still enjoy some of these dishes at restaurants around town!

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