The Top15 Best Places to Visit in Iraq 2022

The Top15 Best Places to Visit in Iraq 2022

1. Erbil


Erbil’s 7,000-year-old citadel has a distinguished past and is comparable to other greats like Cadiz and Byblos.

The enormous castle in the city’s centre, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the area’s main attraction.

The Kurdish Textile Center and the Erbil Civilization Museum are two further locations you shouldn’t miss if you want to learn more about the history and culture of this fascinating region of the world.

2. Ur



One of the most stunning ancient remains in the area is found in Ur, which is well famed for its Biblical tales of epic floods and terrifying Babylonian monarchs.

The Ziggurat, a huge building with high walls and narrow staircases that was formerly used to worship the Akkadian moon gods, may be seen in Ur, a city in the southern Iraqi deserts.

This is undoubtedly among the strangest and most enigmatic sights in Iraq.

3. Baghdad



It goes without saying that recent bombings and attacks by rebel organisations have caused harm to the city of Baghdad.

There is optimism that one day soon people will be allowed to visit this city once more, even though you will require a special permit to access the city’s Green Zone.

They will discover monuments like the Unknown Soldier and copper bazaars as well as Assyrian artefacts in the National Museum when they arrive.

4. Basra



Since it was the scene of one of the crucial engagements that took place during the Iraq War, the name Basra is well-known.

However, if you look behind the surface of this city, you will discover one of the most intriguing places in the whole nation.

Palm trees surround the region, and the city is situated on the Shatt al-Arab River, which is bordered by the sunny Corniche al-Basra, where you may stroll and take in the cool evening breeze.

Some of the most well-known shrines to Islam’s founding imams may also be found here.

5. Karbala



Even though it may not seem like much, 30 million pilgrims go through this village each year.

Because of the Imam Husayn Shrine, the martyr Husayn ibn Ali’s last resting place, who perished in the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD, the region holds special significance for Shiite Muslims.

Additionally, it is supposed to be the location where Gabriel, an archangel, designated as one of the most revered sites on earth.

As a result, hundreds of believers visit this village every year for the Ashura Day of Atonement.

6. Hatra





The imposing columns and elaborate temples of Hatra are located in the sandy deserts of western Iraq.

Because of this, this location is regarded as one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the whole nation.

At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you may view marvels from the Parthian era, yet recently, some of this region has been destroyed, so it’s unclear how much of Hatra is still in tact.

The imposing columns and elaborate temples of Hatra are located in the sandy deserts of western Iraq.

Because of this, this location is regarded as one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the whole nation.

At this location, you may see marvels from the Parthian era.

7. Dur-Kurigalzu




The 3,500-year-old abandoned remains of Dur-Kurigalzu were once the centre of southern Mesopotamia’s Cradle of Civilization, which was located in this area of Iraq.

This was the residence of the ancient Kassite monarchs who constructed the Ziggurat in the fourteenth century, not far from the powerful Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

This may still be seen in this area in the shape of towering mud-brick and stone structures that rise high above the desert and served as landmarks for camel caravans travelling to Baghdad.

8. Sulaymaniyah




Some foreign governments believe it is safe to travel to this city since it is one of the friendliest and most laid-back in all of Iraq.

In comparison to many other towns in the nation, Sulaymaniyah, which is situated on the rough highlands in northern Iraq, has a cold temperature.

It is renowned for its abundance of delectable restaurants where you can savour toothsome spicy kofta, biryani, and a variety of other cuisines. It also boasts a booming arts scene.

This is a fantastic area to base yourself before exploring farther afield if you want to see the oasis, cities, and valleys of the Goyija and Azmer mountains.

9. Babylon





When I heard the term Babylon, I immediately thought of legendary battles between Alexander the Great and Persian monarchs, hanging gardens, and ancient empires.

You might say that repair and preservation efforts have waned recently, but you can still visit some of the magnificent castles and explore the extensive ruins of Homer here.

You may marvel at treasures like elegantly decaying lion sculptures and envision what the Hanging Gardens of Babylon could have been like as you visit Babylon knowing that you are following in the footsteps of great monarchs of this region of the world.

10. Ctesiphon




Ctesiphon was a modest Persian town on the banks of the clear Tigris River in the middle of the 4th century BC.

However, it developed to incorporate the city of Seleucia and became the Parthian capital in the first century AD.

As a result, Ctesiphon grew to be one of the largest towns in the area by the seventh century, and it was here that the Arch of Ctesiphon was constructed.

This Sassanid dome, also known as the Taq Kasra, is one of the biggest of its sort in the world and one of the most significant archaeological monuments in the area.

11. Mosul



Unfortunately, some of the worst devastation in Iraq to date has become associated with the term Mosul.

The town has been a battleground for the Iraqi armed forces for a number of years after being ruled by rebels.

It is hoped that Mosul will soon be freed and that tourists will once again be able to visit this city with a more than 2,000-year history.

Here, you may visit some genuinely incredible things, such the 640 AD Umayyad Mosque’s crumbling remains and the Yahya Abdul Kassem Mashad’s cobalt-blue marble carvings.

12. Dahuk




Northern Iraq’s Kurdish village of Dahuk is just a short bus ride from the Turkish border and is located in a narrow, dusty valley.

This implies that it is one of the most accessible locations in Iraq, which may also explain why it is known for being one of the warmest and most inviting places.

There are several cafés and teahouses in the area, and because the University of Dahuk is located here, there is a noticeable university town vibe.

Nearby are gurgling waterfalls and vibrant Kurdish markets where you may purchase regional goods like spices and rugs.

13. Kirkuk






Kirkuk, which is on the border between Iraqi Kurdistan and the rest of the nation, is renowned for having an abundant oil production.

This indicates that this region of Iraq has experienced considerable bloodshed and unrest, and some of its most notable landmarks are all reminders of its terrible history.

These include its sizable, burning oil fields at Baba Gurgur as well as historic citadels that are already collapsing due to neglect and the remnants of protracted wars.

14. Nineveh




This was a significant location in religious history since it served as the Biblical centre of the Assyrian Empire and was made famous by the prophet Jonah.

Unfortunately, most of this city has been destroyed over time, but you can still see some of the spectacular remains, such Kuyunjik, as well as some of the old city gates.

15. Zakho




Zakho is one of the most accessible towns in Iraq since it is a border town near to Turkey and has a number of excellent hotels and restaurants.

One of its features is the picturesque Delal Bridge, which spans the Little Khabur, as well as the eerie ruins of Zakho Castle. It is also thought to be the location where Christian missionaries first landed in the nation.

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