The Top 15 Places to Visit in Jordan 2022

The Top 15 Places to Visit in Jordan 2022

1. Amman




Amman is the rambling capital of Jordan, however secret underneath the clamor of what is perhaps of the biggest city in the Center East, can be tracked down an abundance of history and culture.

The Jordanian capital has been possessed for millennia and was the site of flourishing Roman and Byzantine urban areas, the remains of which can in any case be seen as in Midtown.

Visit the overwhelming Fortress, where you can track down the amazing archeological exhibition hall, prior to visiting the far superior Jordan Gallery where fantastic finds, for example, the Copper Dead Ocean Parchments are in plain view.

Subsequent to taking in all that set of experiences, partake in a walk around Rainbow Road, one of the most mixed spots to visit in Jordan.

This noteworthy road is where the old meets the new, where you can slow down in bistros, smoke shisha or partake in a brew and some extraordinary falafel.

2. Petra




One of the most famous tourist destinations in Jordan is without a doubt the ancient city of Petra.

The striking temples and structures that make up this historic city were meticulously carved from the gorges’ red rock, where Petra has been submerged for ages.

Petra is accessible only through a vast rock canyon that conceals the city from view.

Although the majority of the rock-hewn structures in Petra were built between the end of the first century BC and the beginning of the first century AD, the city is estimated to have been inhabited since at least 7000 BC.

Arrive early to avoid the crowds and the heat as Petra becomes popular. Make careful to return at night to the main temple even if you go down the canyons and explore the historic city.

The famed “Treasury,” the building made famous in the movie Indian Jones, is beautifully lighted up in the night in Petra.

3. Little Petra



Little Petra

Although it might be challenging to avoid the crowds in Petra because to its popularity, you can take a detour to Little Petra, which is only a few kilometers up the road and much, much quieter.

Little Petra is significantly smaller than Petra, which is why it doesn’t get as much attention, yet the two cities were built during the same period by the same monarchy.

Equally impressive, rock-hewn temples and structures may be seen in the red rock canyons.

4. Wadi Rum



Wadi Rum

The natural sceneries of Wadi Rum would be the second most popular tourist attraction in Jordan, just behind the ruins of Petra.

Wadi Rum is one of the top locations to visit in Jordan since it offers fantastic adventure travel options and magnificent canyons.

Since it originally appeared in the enduring film Lawrence of Arabia, Wadi Rum has been renowned for its desert sands and towering red cliffs.

In Wadi Rum, you may go camping with Bedouins, off-road across sand dunes in a four-wheel drive vehicle, rock climb the steep, jagged gorges, and much more.

5. Jerash




The city of Jerash is one of the top sites to visit in Jordan if you enjoy history. The old Roman city that sits in ruins close to the present metropolis is where ancient history directly impacts modern Jordan.

Wide boulevards and enormous forums with enormous sculptures and columns may be found among the amazingly well-preserved Roman remains.

If you’re staying in the capital, Amman, Jerash is the ideal day excursion because it’s only an hour away.

You should read our trip guide, where we emphasize the Jordan Pass, if you plan to see all of the well-known attractions in Jordan. For half the price, you may enter all the well-known locations in Jordan with this key.

6. Aqaba




Aqaba will always be one of the top spots to visit in Jordan for divers and beachgoers. There are diving shops and beachside hotels and resorts in this renowned Red Sea port city of the nation.

There are some of the top diving sites in the world in this region of the Red Sea because of the abundance of coral, marine life, and shipwrecks. When the diving is at its peak, from April through June, Aqaba is busiest.

7. Mount Nebo



Mount Nebo

One of the most biblical destinations to visit in Jordan is Mount Nebo, which borders the Palestinian Territories.

The Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, and deep into Palestine and Israel can all be seen from the top of this fabled mountain, which rises to a height of 800 meters.

Moses is said to have made the decision that Palestine would become the Holy Land for the Jewish people from this point as he gazed out over the region.

From the adjacent city of Madaba, it takes 15 minutes by car, then the top is reached after a quick but arduous trek.

8. Madaba



Any traveler visiting Jordan should make a special stop at the little city of Madaba. Even though Madaba is as old as any other Jordanian city, it is well known for having some of the best-preserved mosaics in the region.

You may see exquisite mosaics that were skillfully created by the Romans and Byzantines several centuries ago in the city’s numerous antique churches.

9. Dead Sea



 Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point you can visit on the entire world, and it’s not just an odd place—434 it’s meters below sea level.

This well-known natural attraction, which is located in both Jordan and the Palestinian Territories, is renowned for having a very high salt and mineral content.

Since taking a bath and floating in the Dead Sea is still one of the nicest things to do in Jordan, it has been a popular spa destination for thousands of years.

10. Wadi Mujib



Wadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib is one of the greatest spots to visit in Jordan if you prefer adventure to rest.

The extensive network of rivers and gorges in this spectacular canyon system, one of the largest protected areas in the nation, creates the ideal adventure playground.

The most well-liked method of exploration is to take part in a dangerous canyoneering expedition in Wadi Mujib.

11. Dana Biosphere Reserve 



Dana Biosphere Reserve 

The Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan’s largest nature reserve, is the ideal location to look for the local fauna.

The desert-like landscapes, which cover several hundred square kilometers of rough, rocky scrubland, conceal a distinctive ecology that is home to several endangered species.

The Nubian Ibex is the rarest of them; it is estimated that there are just around 1000 surviving in the entire globe.

12. Kerak



One of Jordan’s most well-known Crusader Castles is Kerak, a massive stronghold built in the 12th century AD to defend the Holy Land against the expanding Islamic Empire.

The fortress resisted all attempts to capture it and finally gave in after being starved to death by the renowned Muslim leader Saladin.

You’ll understand why this massive Crusader Castle was thought to be invincible once you visit the stunning castle, which is ominously constructed in the middle of a desert.

13. Shobak




There are other other Crusader-era castles in Jordan, but Shobak is home to one of the largest and most significant ones.

The French Crusaders built Shobak Castle, sometimes known by its more French-sounding name Montreal Castle, in the 12th century to protect the boundary of their newly established kingdom from Muslim forces attempting to reclaim Jerusalem.

Shobak castle, however smaller than the neighbouring castle at Kerak, endured longer.

14. Ajloun




The fortress of Aljoun, which is located north of Amman, was constructed by Muslim soldiers who had conquered the region rather than by the Crusaders.

The mountaintop at Ajloun was considered to be a particularly crucial site when the region was retaken by Islamic armies in the 12th century because it overlooked important water supplies and guarded the Jordan Valley’s entry.

The castle was built there, where it is still located today, overlooking the valleys below.

It’s a special piece of history that is frequently disregarded by visitors, especially those from the West, who head straight for the far more infamous Crusader Castles to the south.

15. Umm Qais



Umm Qais

For visitors looking to explore Roman remains, Umm Qais, a little hamlet in Jordan’s far north, is a well-liked destination.

You may explore Gedara, an ancient city outside the town, which is considered to have been inhabited by Greeks as early as 3000 BC.

Later, it developed into a significant commerce hub in the Levant region and a constituent of the Roman Empire. The neighboring slopes provide unbroken views of the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee in addition to a multitude of ruins to explore.

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