The Best 10 Beautiful Places to Visit In Qatar 2022

The  Best 10  Beautiful Places to Visit In Qatar 2022


1. Brouq Nature Reserve



brouq nature reserve

Currently, there are 12 nature reserves in Qatar, protecting about 3,464 sq km of natural habitat. The Brouq Nature Reserve, located 65 kilometres northwest of Doha on Qatar’s coast, is one of the nation’s most significant conservation zones. It is a piece of Ras Abroug, a headland situated on the Zekreet Peninsula’s northernmost point. The area is well-known for its Neolithic sites, archaeological excavations, gypsum cliffs, mushroom-shaped hills, and protected areas.

There are large populations of ostriches, birds, and gazelles in the Brouq Nature Reserve. Along with some wild deer, it also has a variety of desert plants. The area has been deemed the finest location to restore several endangered species since it is uninhabited, undisturbed, and includes dispersed areas of floraincluding the Arabian oryx, species.

The distinctive East-West/West-East landmark by renowned American artist Richard Serra stands out among the immense wilderness of Brouq. The sculpture is nearly a kilometre long and is made up of four perfectly straight, 10-cm-thick upright steel plates that range in height from 14.7 to 16.7 metres. The pillars’ hues alternate between grey, orange, brown, and dark amber. To make art more accessible to the public, the Qatar Museums commissioned the artwork.

2. The Pearl Qatar



The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl is a four-square-kilometer-long man-made island that cost many billions of dollars to construct. It is 350 metres off the coast of Doha’s West Bay Lagoon and resembles a string of pearls as a nod to Qatar’s historical involvement in pearl digging and trade.

There are 12 distinct precincts inside The Pearl. With clusters of beachfront houses, marinas dotted with yachts, pedestrian-friendly piazzas, groomed gardens, and outdoor cafés, each island has a distinctive Mediterranean vibe.

Medina Centrale, one of the island’s most well-known neighbourhoods, imitates the appeal and subtleties of a Mediterranean town square with its gardens, palm tree-lined boulevards, terraced houses, and a beautiful fountain. Another well-known area that is likened to Venice is the scenic Qanat Quartier, which features complex canals, vibrant homes, and arched bridges, including a copy of the Rialto Bridge.

The greatest location on the island to buy, eat, and stay is likely Porto Arabia, commonly referred to as the heart of the Pearl. The neighbourhood offers a seaside promenade surrounded by upscale shops, cafes, and townhomes.

3. Banana Island



Banana Island

The Maldives’ water bungalows, the Greek Islands’ golden sands, and the Caribbean’s blue waters all have an equivalent in Qatar: Banana Island. The 13-hectare island, which is roughly 25 minutes by ferry from Doha, appears to be from another planet, and it’s simple to understand why. Fine, honey-colored sand, protracted rows of lush palm trees, and glistening blue seas are all present on the beach’s half-mile length.

Banana Island has a 300-foot lagoon pool, a private 20-seat movie theatre, a spa, and a wellness center—everything you would expect from a five-star resort. There is a wide range of opulent overwater homes, upscale hotels, posh cafés, and top-notch restaurants, including a floating restaurant.

While Banana Island is ideal for unwinding, those seeking some action can also enjoy watersports and other thrilling activities there. Visitors may play golf, bowl in the multi-lane alley, kayak around the island, surf in the wave pool, and snorkel in the marine-rich waters.

4. Khor Al Adaid


Khor Al Adaid

One of Qatar’s most distinctive and magnificent natural landmarks, Khor Al Adaid or the Inland Sea, is located in the country’s southeast. Khor Al Adaid is really an embayment or a tidal bay, despite the fact that it is sometimes called a sea.

It is linked to the Persian Gulf via a 10-km long, 10-km wide, and 15-km long deep waterway. The only way to reach the area is with a personal 4×4 vehicle because there are no roads leading there.

Turtles, gazelles, oryxes, dolphins, and the critically endangered dugong are just a few of the creatures that call Khor Al Adaid home. Ospreys, terns, seagulls, and migratory birds like flamingos and herons are just a few of the many bird species that call it home.

While Khor Al Adaid is a beautiful location to unwind, not everyone who travels there is seeking peace and quiet. For those who want to experience something a little different while visiting, several tour companies offer camel riding, quad biking, and sand skiing.


Near the bay, there are hotels and resorts, the majority of which offer lodging in the Bedouin style. Campers may see the Inland Sea take on an almost ethereal look beneath the stars after eating barbecue and sharing stories over a campfire.

5. Fuwairit Beach




Fuwairit Beach

Fuwairit Beach is the ideal location for a peaceful retreat since it is stunning and seclusion. Visitors may enjoy the extensive stretch of beautiful white sand, sparkling blue waters, and a sweeping beach scattered with vibrant seashells 91 kilometres north of Doha.

The fine sand gives way to stones and rough terrain a short distance distant. Visitors may scale interesting limestone structures for expansive vistas of the Persian Gulf where low, crumbling cliffs meet the water.

Fuwairit Beach’s sandy bays are perfect for picnics. However, as there are no local restaurants, cafes, or amenities, visitors must carry their own food. Additionally, there are no covered areas, so guests are need to bring their own beach umbrellas.

Between April and July, hawksbill turtles in the Arabian Gulf lay and hatch their eggs on the beach, which is off-limits to visitors during this time.

6. Al Jassasiya




Al Jassasiya

Although rock carvings have been found all throughout Qatar, none are as stunning as those at the derelict Al Jassasiya quarry. Al Jassasiya possesses the largest and best-preserved collection of petroglyphs, with over 874 sculptures dispersed throughout a region 700 metres wide.

Although experts have not reached a consensus about the engravings’ antiquity, some have suggested that they originate from the New Stone Age. Most of the carvings include circular holes grouped in different shapes, including rosettes, rows, and stars. Additionally, there are carvings of dhows, fish, footprints, quadrupeds, scorpions, ostriches, and other puzzling designs.

North of Doha, in Al Jassasiya, is around 80 kilometres. The majority of the surroundings are rocky, with a few minor hills here and there.

7. Aspire Park



Aspire Park

Take into consideration a sizable garden in the heart of a city that is situated in the middle of a desert. The largest green space in the city, Aspire Park is located in Aspire Zone and covers 217 acres. It has well-kept lawns, lovely walking routes, fitness equipment, playgrounds for kids, stunning fountains, and cafés and restaurants.

There are many intriguing plant species, including baobab trees that were produced and transported from Argentina. Doha’s lone lake, where ducks, geese, and other species congregate to seek refuge from the oppressive heat, is located in the centre of the park. The park’s perimeter is surrounded by a 5 km jogging track, which hosts a variety of annual events including fun runs and fitness activities.

8. Barzan Towers

Barzan Towers

The Barzan Towers, constructed in the late 19th century, guarded Qatar’s rain-collecting valleys. The watchtowers may have also served as observatories for observing the moon’s motions. From the top, guards could sweep the desert for attackers and the sea for ships.

The Barzan Towers have buttresses at the corners and are 16 metres high and 1 metre thick. Coral and limestone stones mixed with mud are used to construct the walls.
This intriguing site is located in the hamlet of Umm Saalal Mohammed, 20 kilometres north of Doha. Visitors can ascend the watchtower and take in the limitless sea, or they can go to the nearby tiny mosque.

9. Katara Beach




In Qatar, world-class beach resorts are accessible from the city without having to go too far. One of the most well-known features of the Katara Cultural Village is the mile-long Katara Beach, which is located in the centre of Doha.

In addition to swimming, visitors may engage in a variety of water activities, such as windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Get on a pedal boat, kayak, canoe, sailing dinghy, or, better yet, go on a fishing trip if you want to explore the water more.

Unlike isolated beaches, Katara Beach provides everything you could possibly need for a beach day, including restaurants, showers, lifeguards, and beach umbrellas. There are also a lot of shaded spots.

Even while it may get rather busy, especially on weekends, the dynamic environment only serves to enhance its allure. Women must cover their elbows and knees when outside due to the beach’s rigorous dress regulation.

10. Al Safliya Island



Al Safliya Island

Al Safliya Island, south of the Pearl and off the coast of Doha, is accessible by dhow boat and is deserted. The two-mile-long, slender island, which offers stunning views of the Doha cityscape, extends from east to west.


With the exception of trash cans and wooden parasols, Al Safliya is primarily made up of fine sand. Visitors to this isolated island should pack their own provisions, such as food, towels, and sunscreen. Visitors may kayak, stand-up paddleboard, jet-ski, and engage in other water activities in addition to swimming in the crystal-clear blue lake.

Whether you’re searching for desert expeditions, beach getaways, or cultural immersion, Qatar provides everything you could want from an amazing Middle Eastern vacation. You are sure to enjoy a memorable vacation with everything that the nation has to offer in terms of appealing attractions and thrilling experiences. It won’t surprise me if you decide to buy more, either.







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