Ten Things To Do In Savannah GA USA When You’re On Vacation

Ten Things To Do In Savannah GA USA When You’re On Vacation

10 Things To Do In Savannah, GA, USA When You’re On Vacation.

A perfect vacation is all about relaxing and having fun. Don’t worry. This list will have you covered when it comes to activities in Savannah, GA, USA. From visiting the sunken gardens to shopping at the many boutiques downtown, there’s plenty of things to do in Savannah! Here are some suggestions on what you need to do when visiting this awesome city in the south.

Get Accommodations

Accommodating your trip to Savannah starts with choosing the right hotel. The best option is to book a hotel in downtown Savannah, but if you’re traveling for a longer period of time and want to save money then you should consider staying at one of the many hotels on Tybee Island.

If you’re not a fan of the city’s humid weather, you can try booking a room at one of the many Savannah hotels that are air-conditioned. Or, if you don’t mind being close to nature, then stay at one of the hotels located on Tybee Island.

When choosing what type of accommodations to get, it’s important to keep in mind what activities will be planned when traveling as well as how often you’ll be able to return home during your vacation. If you plan on spending most of your time exploring the area, then it’s wise to find accommodations that are close by so that your travel time and transportation expenses are reduced.

Explore the City

of Savannah

Savannah is a city that’s perfect for those who love nature and an attractive destination. It’s easy to spend hours on the beach and in the park. Take a walk down River Street or stay at one of the many hotels downtown. There are plenty of things to do when visiting, so make sure you’re fully prepared before your trip!

Eat Some Southern Food

Savannah has a reputation for being one of the most Southern cities in the United States. And while this reputation is mostly due to delicious food and drinks, there are also some fun things to do in Savannah. Some of these include visiting local restaurants and bars, shopping, and enjoying live music.

If you’re looking for an activity that will give you a taste of the old south, try visiting one of the many fast-food restaurants around town for a classic American meal. You can find all kinds of fried chicken, burgers, and classic southern sides like macaroni and cheese.

If you’re looking for something a little healthier, head over to Forsyth Farmers Market next door to Savannah’s downtown area. There you’ll find fresh vegetables, fruit, meats and cheese, as well as regional delicacies like Burnt Ends from Kansas City barbecue!

Shop Around Downtown

Savannah is known for it’s shopping. From boutiques to cobblers and more, you’ll find your perfect souvenir in downtown Savannah. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, head to the historic district. You’ll find some of the best stores, with prices that are a steal!

If you aren’t interested in buying things, there are plenty of things to do in Savannah. You can visit the many museums throughout the city or take a boat tour through the beautiful coastal waterways. You won’t regret visiting Savannah!

Visit the Sunken Gardens and Georgia Aquarium

There’s no doubt that the Sunken Gardens are a Savannah landmark. The garden is filled with flowers, statues, and fountains. There are also many different types of turtles and exotic birds in the garden for you to see as well.

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun, visit the Georgia Aquarium! This aquarium is located right next door to the gardens, so you can easily walk around both attractions at once. You’ll be able to see fish from all over the world while learning more about their habitats in your interactive exhibits.

Savannah has so much to offer its visitors like these two attractions. So don’t worry about making plans when it comes time for visiting this great city on your trip!

Tour Savannah’s Historic District

One of the best ways to experience Savannah is to tour its historic district. The Historic District is home to many beautiful historical buildings and monuments. Not only are you able to see firsthand how Savannah was built, you’re also able to enjoy the city’s rich history.

The many museums in the historic district are a great way to spend your time if you have some extra time on your hands. From visiting the African American Museum of Savannah, which has been open since 1939, to checking out the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park at Forsyth Park, it’s easy to find something fun and educational for everyone in your party!

If history isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other activities for you and your family. One option is enjoying a nice meal at one of Old Savannah’s restaurants such as The Eagle & The Dove or The Yellow Jacket. Another great idea is visiting one of Savannah’s many antique stores like Gatemouth Antiques or Jax & Hyde where you’ll be sure to find something for everyone in your family!

Visit Tybee Island

Tybee Island is the perfect place to relax and unwind. It’s just a little over an hour away from Savannah, so you can easily visit this island during your stay in Savannah. This beach is well-known for its white sand beaches and it also has some great views of the surrounding area. It’s also a great place to walk as it’s not crowded at all!

If you really want to get a feel for the area, take a boat tour around the many lagoons that make up Tybee Island. Don’t forget to stop by Jekyll Island on your way back from Tybee.

Visit Tybee Island for Scuba Diving.

If you want to explore the ocean, head over to Tybee Island. The island is home to several dive sites, including the largest coral reef in Georgia. You can also explore shipwrecks and visit the ruins of Fort Pulaski.

Tybee Island also has some great restaurants and shopping options. There’s even a skateboard park with a long ramp on the backside of one of the piers.

There are plenty of activities that you could do on Tybee Island, but scuba diving is definitely one of them! The island has some great dive sites with lots to see and discover underwater.>> END>>

Eating Food

Savannah has a variety of restaurants that fit the bill for any type of cuisine. You can eat at some of the best places in the south, like The Lady and Sons, or somewhere more casual like The Flying Biscuit Cafe.


It’s always important to stay in a central location when traveling, which is why it’s best to book your hotel before you go. There are many hotels located near the historic Savannah City Market, and the rooms will be much more affordable if you book them on sites like Expedia or Hotels.com.

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