South Carolina’s Top 15 Attractions & Destinations:2022

South Carolina’s Top 15 Attractions & Destinations:2022

1. Charleston’s Historic District


Charleston's Historic District
Drench yourself in the thoughtful air of the prewar south in Charleston, where in excess of 1400 noteworthy homes, temples, and different structures line the roads. A carriage ride will give you an outline and a little history too, or you can join a mobile visit that incorporates a look into some of them.

You can likewise take a directed visit through a few noteworthy homes, including the Aiken-Rhett House and the 1808 Nathaniel Russell House. Both hold invaluable assortments of fine and embellishing expressions.

Displays at the Old Exchange Building and Old Slave Mart Museum uncover more about the city and its long history. It is likewise worth visiting the Charleston City Market to watch “crate women” weave sweetgrass containers, a long-valued custom here.


2. Myrtle Beach



Myrtle Beach
Quite possibly of the most famous thing to do in South Carolina in the late spring is to withdraw to the miles of immaculate sands that line the coast at Myrtle Beach. However engaging as the sea shores themselves seem to be the numerous customary shoreline delights to look over here. The Carolina Opry produces melodic shows, and the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel takes guests on 10-minute rides over the ocean side and footpath.

Broadway at the Beach is the state’s biggest diversion and shopping scene, with rides, little golf, Ripley’s Aquarium, motion pictures, niche stores, eating, and different attractions in a person on foot just region around Lake Broadway. Families love the slides, sprinkle rides, and pools at water parks and at significant inns.

Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach
Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach | Photo Copyright: Bryan Dearsley
Regardless of whether you like fishing, you’ll likewise need to add Apache Pier to your rundown of spots to visit in Myrtle Beach. Near 1,200 feet long, it’s the East Coast’s longest wooden dock, and is a well known fishing spot. For those simply needing to walk its whole, get a new fish sandwich from Croakers and absorb the tremendous perspectives back over Myrtle Beach. Unrecorded music is given consistently in summer, and there’s a pleasant arcade for the children to appreciate.


3. South Carolina Plantation Gardens



South Carolina Plantation Gardens
A significant number of the state’s 2,000 or more estates are available to guests, and those around Charleston are noted particularly for their exceptional nurseries. Magnolia Plantation is in America’s most established freely gotten to gardens, started in the mid 1700s and first opened to guests in 1870. They are exceptional as America’s last great Romantic-style garden. Middleton Place sits over America’s most seasoned finished gardens; the house is completely outfitted in unique style.

Boone Hall Plantation in neighboring Mt. Wonderful is one of the country’s most seasoned estates actually working as a functioning homestead, and is most popular for its beautiful, three-quarter-mile Avenue of Oaks. You get an uncommon look at unique eighteenth century craftsmanship in the decorative subtleties of the inside of Drayton Hall, which is the most seasoned unrestored manor house in America that is open for visits.

Alongside showing how the proprietors and their families lived, these manors presently incorporate displays, visits, and projects on the existences of the oppressed individuals who made the estate way of life conceivable during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth hundreds of years.

Directed voyages through Middleton Place incorporate conversations about the Middleton family, yet in addition the oppressed individuals and freedmen who served them. Dynamic archeological examinations at Drayton Hall keep on recuperating curios that give knowledge into these undocumented lives.

Magnolia’s Cabin Project jam previous slave homes that act as the point of convergence briefly program on African-American history, featuring the existences of subjugated individuals, however their later job in keeping up with and safeguarding the bequest’s wonderful nurseries. Boone Hall includes a live show of the remarkable Gullah culture created by African slaves, where relatives of the Gullah public tell the historical backdrop of this culture through narrating and tune.

4. Hilton Head Island




Hilton Head Island
While Hilton Head Island doesn’t have the spectacular stage shows of the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, this low-country ocean side town offers laid-back unwinding and more modest groups. You’ll track down a lot of fun activities here, including extraordinary shopping, cafés, and greens, and, obviously, the lovely wide sandy sea shores.

Quite possibly of the best spot in South Carolina for bicycling, Hilton Head has miles of level, very much checked bicycling trails, with extraordinary landscape and signage to call attention to tourist spots and fascinating realities. At low tide, you could ride along the sea shores, as most bicycle rental organizations presently offer bicycles with extra wide tires that handle pleasantly on the firm, stuffed sand.

In certain spots, especially along the shores of the Intracoastal Waterway, you might be sufficiently fortunate to get a brief look at dolphins playing on the surf not excessively far from you. Untamed life watchers can likewise recognize intriguing and normal marine and birdlife very close at the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Harbor Town
Harbor Town | Photo Copyright: Bryan Dearsley
Make certain to likewise visit the Sea Pines Resort region on the island’s south end. Quite compelling here is Harbor Town, striking for its marina and renowned beacon. Make certain to pay the unassuming confirmation, it’s worth the effort for the wonderful water sees over to Dafuskie Island.


5. Post Sumter and Charleston Harbor




Post Sumter and Charleston Harbor
The assault on Fort Sumter, the government post watching Charleston Harbor, by Confederate powers on April 12, 1861, started the American Civil War. The great National Park Rangers’ translations rejuvenate those occasions strikingly and set up for a superior comprehension of Civil War history.

You can visit the island and the all around saved remnants of the post by boat from the Visitor Education Center at Liberty Square, or from Patriots Point. Or on the other hand you can get great perspectives on the stronghold from an hour and a half visit on a touring boat that takes you along the Cooper River to Fort Sumter National Monument.

The visit is completely described to give verifiable foundation to Charleston’s part in the Civil War and different times of its set of experiences. It likewise gives great perspectives on different strongholds, the Civil War jail at Pinckney Castle, the USS Yorktown, and the Ravenel Bridge.


6. USS Yorktown and Patriots Point, Mount Pleasant




USS Yorktown and Patriots Point, Mount Pleasant
At Patriots Point, on the opposite side of the harbor from Charleston’s Historic District, you can visit the notable Essex-class plane carrying warship USS Yorktown. Worked in 1943, it was the 10th plane carrying warship to serve in the United States Navy, and procured 11 fight stars for administration in World War II, later adding five fight stars for administration in Vietnam. The USS Yorktown too “featured” in the 1944 narrative film, The Fighting Lady.

All the more as of late, in 1968, the USS Yorktown told overall consideration for recuperating the Apollo 8 space explorers. The vessel was resigned to Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in 1975, joining submarines and other oceanic displays that you can visit.

Address: 40 Patriots Point Road, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


7. Congaree National Park, Hopkins



Congaree National Park, Hopkins

A simple 30-minute drive south of Columbia, Congaree National Park covers in excess of 26,000 sections of land and is a well known objective for the people who partake in nature in South Carolina. Home to the USA’s biggest centralization of tall bottomland old-development woodland, this inconceivably beautiful region is additionally one of the nation’s excellent wild regions, with over around 50% of the recreation area considered a pristine environment that is home to bountiful untamed life.

It’s likewise outstanding for having been assigned an UNESCO biosphere hold. Little amazement, then, at that point, that the recreation area is home to an overflow of biologically significant verdure. Untamed life spotters can hope to see everything from catamounts to deer, as well as armadillos and a lot of creatures of land and water.

There’s a lot of other enjoyable to be had here, as well. Outside undertakings incorporate broad climbing trails, kayaking and paddling, and directed interpretive encounters.

Address: 100 National Park Road, Hopkins, South Carolina


8. Watch Wildlife at Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet



Watch Wildlife at Huntington Beach State Park, Murrells Inlet

With in excess of 300 distinct types of birds found in the recreation area, Huntington Beach is viewed as the best birding area in South Carolina.

In any case, birds are not by any means the only fascination for vacationers who love untamed life. Guests can ordinarily recognize crocodiles at the recreation area’s freshwater lake, and a wide assortment of park programming offers opportunities to notice blockhead turtles and other jeopardized species, as well as presenting a portion of the interesting nearby plants.

Workmanship darlings partake in the juried Atalaya Arts and Crafts Festival held each September in the previous winter home of Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington. The humanitarian and stone worker are likewise answerable for the adjoining Brookgreen Gardens.

Address: 16148 Ocean Hwy, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Official site:

Convenience: Where to Stay close to Huntington Beach State Park

9. South Carolina State Museum, Columbia


The South Carolina State Museum is the state’s biggest such office. This famous fascination highlights four stories of displays covering South Carolina’s regular history, craftsmanship, culture, science and innovation.

A considerable lot of the instructive shows are involved, which makes the historical center particularly captivating for youthful guests. The gallery likewise includes a 4-D intuitive science theater, a planetarium, and a consistently changing program of exceptional shows.


10. Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet




Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet
Set on in excess of 9,000 sections of land of previous rice estates south of Myrtle Beach, Brookgreen Gardens joins a figure garden, the Lowcountry Zoo, and a government protected habitat highlighting various biological systems. The model is shown all through a whole series of themed gardens, which incorporate the Kitchen Garden, Palmetto Garden, and a kids’ nursery.

There’s likewise a porch garden loaded up with perennials, roses, and blossoming bushes. The Live Oak Allée of 250-year-old trees dates from ranch days in the mid 1700s. All through the nurseries and in three exhibitions are shown in excess of 2,000 works by 430 specialists, the nation’s biggest and most extensive assortment of American non-literal model.

The nurseries were established by Archer Huntington and his significant other, the prominent stone worker Anna Hyatt Huntington, in 1932 and was the primary public model nursery in America. Every December, they are changed into an otherworldly universe of hued lights during the Night of a Thousand Candles.

Address: 1931 Brookgreen Drive, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina


11. Remote ocean Fishing




Remote ocean Fishing

From April through November, South Carolina is a superb objective for remote ocean fishing, when energetic fishermen take to the water in a mission for sailfish, amberjack, cobia, goliath blue marlin, barracuda, and other game species.

Novel to the state’s waters are the numerous fake reefs, more than 40 of which are situated off its 3,000 miles of flowing coastline. Worked from salvaged material, including disposed of gear, barges, substantial extensions, and military vehicles, the submerged designs make living space for various marine species.

Three seaside regions are particularly prime for fishing. The ocean close to Myrtle Beach has 18 counterfeit reefs and eight fishing wharfs, including Apache Pier, the longest wooden fishing dock on the east coast.

Charleston is the best flight point for the focal coast waters, where 13 fake reefs outfit territory for a few animal types, including blue marlin. Advantageous takeoff focuses for the southern beach front waters are Beaufort and Hilton Head Island.

This multitude of locales have a lot of contract organizations and hardware rentals, as well as send off destinations for private boats; in the event that you intend to utilize sanction administrations, make certain to book right on time, as South Carolina’s true capacity for remote ocean fishing undertakings is no confidential.

Understand More: Best Places for Deep Sea Fishing in South Carolina

12. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia



Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia
As though kangaroo and koala joeys weren’t sufficient, Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is home to in excess of 2,000 different creatures, addressing in excess of 350 species. The two-section of land African Plains show repeats an African savanna, where you can see giraffes, ostriches, and zebras alongside African lions and primates in their own different normal living spaces.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden | Photo Copyright: Bryan Dearsley
The Ndoki Forest region is a safe-haven for gorillas, elephants, and meerkats. Siberian tigers and Komodo mythical serpents, among different species, address Asia, while North American species incorporate wild bears and California ocean lions. The zoo incorporates a professional flowerbed and ziplines.

13. Caesars Head State Park





Caesars Head State Park
Caesars Head State Park in Cleveland envelops the levels of the Blue Ridge Escarpment and is loaded up with photograph operations. The most amazing is from The Overlook, with its stunning perspective on Table Rock. The Raven Cliff Falls Trail prompts South Carolina’s tallest cascade, and the Jones Gap Trail prompts a progression of swimming openings.

The ledge draws in falcons on their transitory course to South America, and Caesar’s Head Hawk Site is a count site along the Atlantic Flyway. There are fishing waterways in the recreation area, and for treasure-hunting lovers, a few geocaches are covered up, to be situated by GPS.

Address: 8155 Geer Hwy, Cleveland, South Carolina


14. Columbia Museum of Art



Columbia Museum of Art
Workmanship darlings heading out to South Carolina ought to make certain to remember the Columbia Museum of Art for their movement agenda. Comprising of north of 25 exhibitions displaying territorial, public, and worldwide fine arts, it’s a brilliant method for putting in a couple of hours.

Features incorporate models from the Baroque and Renaissance periods, alongside works by various other European Masters. There’s likewise a broad assortment of fine arts by American craftsmen, as well as ornamental and furniture pieces.

Directed visits are accessible, as well as an extraordinary series of studios and other programing.


15. EdVenture, Columbia


EdVenture, Columbia

This one’s rigorously for the children. The EdVenture Children’s Museum is a tomfoolery, best in class fascination that puts the accentuation totally on making learning fun. Furthermore, the tomfoolery here is a lot of hands on, from the open air exercises, including a full-scale plane, to the supernatural indoor play regions.

Features incorporate a region committed to pets, a science and development lab, a lot of Lego blocks to play with, as well as tomfoolery shows, including a fire motor and supermarket. A bistro is likewise situated nearby.

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