16 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Jamaica 2022

1. Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs



Negril Beach & the Negril Cliffs

One of Jamaica’s most stunning expanses of white sand and blue water is Negril Beach, sometimes referred to as Seven Mile Beach. One of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean, it is backed by the renowned Negril Cliffs.

The beach stretches from Bloody Bay to Long Bay, although it’s more like four miles long. Resorts line the coastline here, ranging in size from major all-inclusive resorts to tiny boutique ones, hidden among coconut palm plantations.

Numerous water activities are available, and snorkelers will encounter schools of fish swimming in the crystal-clear waters. However, persistent hawkers may be present on the beach.

The Negril Cliffs, which rise above the coral-fringed shoreline to the south of the beach, are a well-liked vantage point for sunset views. One more of these cliffs is to jump out of them.

2. Rafting the Martha Brae River



Rafting the Martha Brae River

One of the most well-liked activities in Jamaica is rafting the Martha Brae, especially for couples. You may ride bamboo rafts propelled by native guides along a beautiful section of the river at Martha Brae Rafter’s Village.

You may stop at local sellers along there to buy souvenirs or refreshments, and this leisurely journey is a terrific chance to take in some of the tropical landscape. The best part is that some of the guides will keep you entertained while you’re on the tour by singing reggae songs or giving you fascinating facts about the local flora and fauna.

This is a well-liked day excursion from Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, which are both roughly 37 kilometres apart (abut 70 kilometres away). The same thing may be done from Negril, however

3. Dunn’s River Falls


Dunn's River Falls

One of the biggest attractions of Ocho Rios is Dunn’s River Falls, which span 180 metres of gently terraced cascades. These charming falls plunge into the ocean from ledges of limestone and across rocks.

With the help of a guide, you may ascend the falls’ natural tiers to the top and cool down in the cold pools below. Wearing water shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting wet is a smart idea. Additionally, as this is one of Jamaica’s most well-known waterfalls and a popular tourist destination, try to time your visit to avoid the cruise ship throngs.

Try the journey to Dunn’s River Falls and Bob Marley’s Nine Mile for an enjoyable full-day excursion. This trip makes a pit stop at Nine Mile, the community where Bob Marley was born, before continuing on to Dunn’s River Falls for a guided climb up to the falls and an opportunity to slide or swim in the natural pools. Considering extending your adventure? Include supper and an optional nighttime boat excursion on Mystic Lagoon. Included are hotel pickup and drop-off, admission costs, and a tour.

Alternatively, travel to Dunn’s River Falls from Ocho Rios or Montego Bay aboard a Jamaican catamaran cruise. Enjoy an ocean cruise, go snorkelling over coral reefs, and relax and have fun in the water at the falls.

4. Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park




Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

Because of its extensive natural and cultural legacy, the stunning Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 2015.

This unspoilt park offers stunning landscape. It was formerly a haven for ex-slaves and the native Taino who came here to escape enslavement. You may discover waterfalls, luxuriant rain forests, coffee plantations, and mountains covered in rainforest inside its boundaries.

Furthermore noteworthy is the animals. The park is home to 200 different bird species, more than 800 indigenous plant species, and the second-largest butterfly in the world.

Even getting from one place to another in the park may be exciting. Because of the roughness of the roads and terrain, particularly after rain, 4WD vehicles and/or knowledgeable guides are strongly advised.

The 2,256-meter-high Blue Mountain Peak walk (or mule ride) is a highlight of every trip to this location. On a clear day, you may see all the way to Cuba on this two-day tour, which provides breathtaking vistas. The majority of tourist trips start in Kingston.

5. Port Antonio


Port Antonio

Port Antonio embodies the laid-back character of a tranquil fishing community since it is surrounded by mountains and has two harbours. Previously a hub for banana export, the region is much less commercial than the other vacation hotspots.

In Port Antonio, people frequently go hiking through the rainforest, rafting down the Rio Grande, taking tours to Reach Falls, and snorkelling and scuba diving the coral reefs. The stunning, 60-meter-deep Blue Lagoon, which is nourished by freshwater springs, is a well-liked swimming location.

Fort George, a British fortress built in the 18th century, and lovely Frenchman’s Cove, where a river teeming with fish empties into the ocean, are two other attractions in the region.

The beaches at Port Antonio are a lovely combination of white sand, calm waves, and green outcroppings of land. But if you’d rather cool down in freshwater, Somerset Falls is a series of waterfalls and pools formed when the neighbouring Daniel’s River flows through a valley formed by natural rock.

Navy Island, which is accessible by ferry and is situated between Port Antonio’s two ports, originally belonged to cinematic swashbuckler Errol Flynn. Today, day visits and picnics to the island are quite popular.

Some of the greatest jerk food, a fiery kind of cuisine popular in Jamaica, can be found at Boston Beach, which is east of Port Antonio.

6. Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay




Doctor's Cave Beach, Montego Bay

Doctor’s Cave Beach is a captivating stretch of white sand bordered by crystal-clear seas and one of Montego Bay’s top beaches.

The fate of this well-known tourist destination was really influenced by this famous beach. A renowned British osteopath claimed the water had healing properties after swimming here in the beginning of the 1920s, and this assertion started to draw tourists from all over the world. As hotels grew, the neighbourhood flourished as a tourist attraction.

Although the beach’s eponymous cave was destroyed by a hurricane in 1932, it continues to be one of the most well-liked places to hang out in Montego Bay. Cruise ship passengers frequently congregate here.

You may rent beach equipment here as well as find local restrooms, eateries, and retail establishments. Be aware that there is a charge to enter the beach.

7. Blue Hole, Ocho Rios




Blue Hole, Ocho Rios

The Blue Hole is a collection of magnificent waterholes fed by rushing waterfalls located high in the mountains outside of Ocho Rios that are covered in rain forest. The Irie Blue Hole or Island Gully Falls are other names for it.

You may explore the falls and plunge down cliffs into the cool waters below while guides show you around the region. Although there will likely be less people as you ascend the falls, navigating the terrain might be challenging. Water shoes are advised because the experience entails climbing across slick rocks. One of the most well-liked activities in Ocho Rios is a trip to these lovely waterfall.

8. Rio Grande River



Rio Grande River

Do you need to detox from your stress? Enroll in a rafting excursion down the stunning Rio Grande River. Few things could be more soothing than drifting leisurely down a river in a verdant forest while being poled by a knowledgeable guide. Additionally, compared to the Martha Brae, this body of water is typically less busy.

You may get cold drinks to drink while you wait and then settle back and unwind. Your pleasant guide nudges you through the clear waterways of the tropical rain forest as he tells you local history and expertly navigates the calm rapids.

You’ll hear about this history on your trip. Rafting here dates back to approximately 1911, when banana farmers in the Rio Grande Valley used to transport their bananas down the river.

9. Black River Safari Boat Tour and YS Falls




Black River Safari Boat Tour and YS Falls

The longest river in Jamaica, the Black River, is surrounded by mangroves. You may take a guided boat excursion to explore this serene river. Fans of nature will be ecstatic. Among the creatures that call this place home are crocodiles and more than 100 kinds of birds, including herons and white egrets. During the walk, you may discover everything there is to know about the ecology and history of the region.

The lovely YS Falls are Jamaica’s biggest cascades and are only a short drive away. For trips, they are sometimes coupled with the Black River. This is a great option if you’re seeking for family-friendly activities to do in Jamaica. A soak in one of the calm natural pools formed by several of the seven waterfalls would be pleasant on a hot day.

On the rope swing, you may pretend to be Tarzan and jump into the wading pool below, which is fueled by natural springs. Additionally offered are river tubing and ziplining.

10. Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay




Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay

Rose Hall, a renovated plantation home with stunning coastal views, was constructed around 1770. Legendary Annie Palmer, also known as the White Witch, brutally governed this region before dying horribly. Her house is furnished with antiques now.

A daytime trip is an option, but if you enjoy ghost stories, go on the frightening candlelight twilight tour. The numerous spine-tingling ghost sighting stories told by guides in period costume will have you on the edge of your seat. You could even encounter the White Witch herself, who knows?

11. Reach Falls




Reach Falls

Reach Falls are one of Jamaica’s most beautiful and serene waterfalls and a hidden gem. They are concealed in the John Crow Mountain Range’s Montane Forest, close to Port Antonio. You may reach the top of the falls, where a lifeguard is on duty, by taking a short stroll through a tropical rain forest.

More than 20 distinct types of ferns bloom in this emerald forest, where you may stand under the cascading waterfalls, explore underwater caverns, and swim in the fern-fringed waters. Additionally, keep a look out for some of the numerous bird species found here, such as yellow-billed parrots. Water shoes are a smart idea as well.

12. Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios




Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain, Ocho Rios

Want to get your adrenaline fix? Go to Mystic Mountain at Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios. Here, you may ride a single-person roller coaster through the jungle called Bobsled Jamaica down a mountain, or you can take ziplines through the treetops. On the Sky Explorer, a chairlift that ascends the mountain, you can also take in expansive views of the town and the sea.

A ropes course, rides, an infinity pool and waterslide, a climbing wall, guided nature walks, butterfly and hummingbird gardens, and other activities are also available here.\

13. Mayfield Falls




Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls & Mineral Springs is a refuge for nature enthusiasts. It is located in the highlands, roughly an hour’s journey from Negril via communities of the jungle. Two stunning waterfalls, 21 natural ponds, and an abundance of ferns, tropical flowers, and other rainforest vegetation may all be found here. The lush vegetation is alive with butterflies and birds, and thatched riverfront gazebos call for rest stops.

You have the option of going on a guided stroll down the river or wading through the chilly water while scaling slippery boulders, jumping from cliffs, and unwinding beneath cascades. Wear water shoes and swimsuits, and make sure to pack a camera.

14. Falmouth




Falmouth is one of the best-preserved Georgian towns in the Caribbean, surrounded by sugar fields and grazing pasture. The town, which was formerly a major port, has superb specimens of Georgian architecture from the 19th century, including a courthouse that has undergone an exact restoration.

A popular destination for tourists in the region is Greenwood Great House. The Great House, which was built in 1790 by Richard Barrett, an ancestor of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, is now a museum including antique furnishings, a unique collection of musical instruments, and Wedgwood porcelain.

Exploring Good Hope Plantation, a well-known sugar and coconut plantation founded in 1755, and relaxing on Red Stripe and Burwood Beach are some of the other well-liked things to do in Falmouth.

15. Zipline Adventure Tours



Zipline Adventure Tours

While exploring the Great River, outdoor lovers and adventurers may put their talents to the test by ziplining and kayaking. During two-hour guided tours, visitors may zipline over the river for a little adrenaline-infused excitement or kayak amid calm and churning rapids. A tour guide provides a safety and equipment briefing and provides information on the river’s fauna and environment.

The Jamaica Zipline and Kayak Adventure Tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off, lunch, equipment, a guide, and fundamental training. It leaves from hotels in Negril and Montego Bay. Age requirements for participants start at six.


16. Kingston




Jamaica’s bustling capital city, located at the base of the Blue Mountains, provides a cosmopolitan contrast to the island’s leisurely pace. Although Kingston is gritty and unforgiving in places, you may take a tour to visit some of the city’s best attractions.

The Bob Marley Museum, located in the reggae icon’s old house, is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations. In the slum where reggae music was created, followers of the genre may also visit the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum.

Historic homes like Devon House as well as institutions like the superb National Gallery and the Natural History Museum are some of the other popular attractions in Kingston.

Emancipation Park is a palm-lined green spot in the centre of the city where music performances are frequently held.

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