The best 12 Top-Rated Traveler Attractions in San Juan, Puerto Rico:2022

The best 12 Top-Rated Traveler Attractions in San Juan, Puerto Rico:2022

1.Old San Juan (San Juan Viejo)



Old San Juan (San Juan Viejo)
Displaying very nearly 500 years of history, the roads of Old San Juan (San Juan Viejo) are windows to the past, with noteworthy posts and Spanish frontier engineering laying the right foundation. This World Cultural Heritage Site is the second most established city in the Americas and the most seasoned city under the US banner.

The seven-square-block region contains more than 400 perfectly reestablished sixteenth and seventeenth century pioneer structures, a large number of which contain shops, eateries, exhibition halls, inns, and other public structures.

The most emotional component, and the genuine show-stopper of Old San Juan is the Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, referred to all the more ordinarily as El Morro, set out on a reason behind land disregarding the ocean in the San Juan National Historic Site.

Experience the city’s genuine appeal by just meandering the roads, respecting the old engineering, and partaking in a dinner on an open air porch. Different features are Fortaleza, the San Juan Cathedral, and Castillo de San Cristóbal.

As you walk, make certain to jump into a portion of the galleries, a considerable lot of which merit venturing into just to see the value in the design of the construction lodging the assortments. This entire region can be investigated by walking, albeit the leave to El Morro post adds extensively more to the length of a mobile visit.

2. Fuerte San Felipe del Morro (El Morro)


Fuerte San Felipe del Morro (El Morro)

Safeguarding the entry to San Juan Bay, the stronghold, usually alluded to as El Morro, is decisively roosted over the ocean on a purpose in land sticking out into the sea.

An assigned National Historic Site and an UNESCO World Heritage Site, El Morro was worked in 1539. Development went on for an additional 250 years to make it quite possibly of the biggest Spanish post in the Caribbean. A larger part of the extra development occurred between the 1760s and 1780s, when a significant number of the walls you see today were added.

The post today is a labyrinth of inclines, stations, dormitory, prisons, and passages, dabbed with little, round guard boxes called “garitas.” These garitas are novel to Puerto Rican fortresses and have turned into a public image.

The region moving toward the post is open yard watching out to staggering perspectives on each side, either back towards San Juan, including a view to San Juan Cemetery, or out to the ocean.

3. Castillo de San Cristóbal (Fort San Cristóbal)




Castillo de San Cristóbal (Fort San Cristóbal)
While El Morro gets all the notoriety, Castillo de San Cristóbal is similarly intriguing and certainly worth a visit. San Cristobal is greater than El Morro, and is the biggest post the Spanish at any point worked in the New World.

Spread more than 27 sections of land, it highlights five free units associated by channel and passage, each intended to be independent should the others fall. The post was worked somewhere in the range of 1634 and 1790 to monitor the eastern entryway to what is today, Old San Juan. It was intended to safeguard against a land assault, making it very unique in relation to El Morro, which was intended to prepare for assaults via ocean.

4. San Juan Cemetery (Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery)

San Juan Cemetery (Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery)
Set along the coast, adjoining El Morro, and high over the sea, is the lovely San Juan Cemetery. Elaborate gravestones, sculptures, and a roundabout red-domed Neoclassical church committed to Mary Magdalene are some of what make this burial ground exceptional.

From its slope setting over the ocean are beautiful perspectives out to the sea and towards El Morro. The graves are over the ground, like those tracked down in New Orleans. The house of prayer in the graveyard dates to the nineteenth hundred years, and a large number of Puerto Rico’s earliest pioneers are covered here.

5. San Juan Cathedral (Catedral de San Juan)


San Juan Cathedral (Catedral de San Juan)
The San Juan Cathedral, started in 1540, is known for being perhaps of the most established church in the Americas and one of the most seasoned structures in San Juan. The inside, with its highly contrasting checkered tile floor and yellow stylistic layout is shockingly fancy and bright.

The body of the incomparable Spanish wayfarer, Ponce de León, has laid here in a marble burial chamber starting around 1913. Likewise buried here beginning around 1862 is San Pío, a Roman Catholic saint. The church building actually holds customary administrations, and visits are accessible.

Address: Calle del Cristo #151-153, San Juan

6. Museo de las Américas




Museo de las Américas
The Museo de las Americas, in Old San Juan, investigates the historical backdrop of Puerto Rico, with an emphasis on the craftsmanship, the ethnic gatherings, and the colonization of the country. Long-lasting displays offer a strong outline of the nation’s set of experiences, yet impermanent shows balance the experience, with fascinating subjects that incorporate anything from contemporary workmanship to conventional practices. This exhibition hall is a decent put to begin prior to setting out on a visit through the nation’s social and notable destinations.

Address: Calle Beneficencia, San Juan

7. Condado and Ocean Park Beach





Condado and Ocean Park Beach
The Condado locale lies on a land parcel between the Atlantic Ocean and Laguna Condado. The region was initially evolved as San Juan’s most memorable vacationer zone during the 1950s, making a smaller than expected Miami Beach on the doorsteps of the city.

The primary pivot of the town is Avenida Ashford, along which stand various lavish lodgings and resorts. Condado offers a wide determination of facilities and offices in all cost ranges. In the eastern region of the locale is Ocean Park, a one broad ocean side enveloping private homes and ocean side retreats.

The white-sand ocean side is perfect and extremely famous with local people. There are no offices or change rooms here. Condado is likewise home to the enormous Convention Center, with shopping, theaters, cafés, and space for celebrations and displays.

8. La Fortaleza




La Fortaleza
La Fortaleza was finished in 1540 as a guard against the Carib Indians and other unfamiliar trespassers. It was involved two times by trespassers; first by the Earl of Cumberland in 1598 and afterward by the Dutch General Bowdoin Hendrick in 1625 when fire harmed the structure.

The Fortaleza in the long run lost its tactical worth and turned into the home of Puerto Rican lead representatives, a job it actually keeps up with today. La Fortaleza is the most seasoned lead representative’s house actually utilized as such in the Western Hemisphere, with in excess of 150 lead representatives having resided or remained here. The actual structure has gone through many changes in its long history. The outcome is a mix of sixteenth century military design with the refinements of the nineteenth hundred years.

Address: 52 Calle Fortaleza, San Juan

9. Exhibition hall of Puerto Rican Art (Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico)





Exhibition hall of Puerto Rican Art (Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico)
The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is one of the features of San Juan, and is a noticeable player in the Caribbean social scene. The structure, which was opened in 2000, was developed around a 1920’s medical clinic building. The more seasoned piece of the structure shows the exhibition hall’s extremely durable assortment and is the principal thing you will see as you enter.

The more current piece (the east wing) is a five-story structure containing a multi-story chamber, a performance center with seating for up to 400 individuals, a model nursery, and a famous eatery. There are additionally different rooms accessible for studios and displays. Altogether, the gallery contains in excess of 130,000 feet of room used to show an amazing long-lasting assortment and host brief displays.

Address: 299 Avenida de Diego, Santurce

Official site:


10. San Jose Church (Iglesia de San José)





San Jose Church (Iglesia de San José)
Dominican monks constructed the Iglesia de San José in 1532, making it one of the earliest instances of Spanish Gothic engineering in the Americas. Dissimilar to the San Juan Cathedral, this congregation is little, with an unassuming façade, however the vaulted inside gives it a breezy feel.

For just about 300 years, the Spanish adventurer Ponce de León was covered here until his body was moved to the San Juan Cathedral in 1913. The eighteenth century Puerto Rican craftsman, José Campeche, is additionally covered here.

Address: Calle San Sebastián, San Juan

11. Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico)




Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico)
Established in 1984, this exhibition hall is the spot to see crafted by Puerto Rico’s best cutting edge specialists. Changing displays exhibit the gallery’s assortment of current island-made prints, compositions, banners, and figures.

Situated inside Sacred Heart University in the Barat building, the historical center can be precarious to find. As the displays change regularly, make certain to contact the gallery or visit their fantastic site to look into the latest shows.

Address: Edificio Histórico Rafael M. Labra, Ave. Juan Ponce de León, esquina Ave. Roberto H. Todd, Parada 18, Santurce


12. Court las Americas


Court las Americas

significant damage and it’s the ideal opportunity for a little break, the Plaza las Americas may be the response. This cutting edge indoor strip mall is the spot to come for a little retail treatment or to get something left at home or lost at the air terminal.

This isn’t the spot to find conventional Puerto Rican gifts and knickknacks; this is an enormous shopping center with US corporate retailers, the most stylish trends, American eateries, cinemas, and a few special stores. It is considered by Puerto Ricans to be the best shopping center in Puerto Rico. In spite of the fact that it probably won’t be at the highest point of the must-do list, this is an extraordinary stormy day choice.

Address: 525 Ave Franklin Delano Roosevelt, San Juan

Where to Stay in San Juan for Sightseeing
We suggest these enchanting inns, close to top attractions and the cobbled roads of Old San

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