Not sure where to go when travelling Europe on your own? The following locations might be worth including on your ultimate solo travel Europe itinerary!



Riga, Latvia, is one of my all-time favourite solo female travel locations and one of my personal favourite cities for solo travel in Europe.

In addition to being safe and having a low crime rate, it is also convenient to utilise as a base to travel by public transportation to other parts of the country because it is walkable, economical, and quick to get around.

The Riga Free Walking Tour, the KGB Museum, and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia are just a few of the fascinating (and occasionally ominous) historical sites that make Riga a green city.

If you enjoy history, Riga is home to a number of museums that explore both its past as a USSR nation and its role in World War II when it was invaded by Nazi Germany. Nevertheless, there are numerous cultural organisations devoted to various subjects, such as the Riga Art Nouveau Museum and the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE.

When visiting Riga alone, there are countless activities outside visiting museums. Get a massage and a bath at ESPA (the amenities are included with a treatment!) for yourself. , paddleboard at dawn at the Cenas Trelis Preserve with SUP Adventures, explore Old Town and take in the view from St. Peter’s Church’s steeple, and sip a local beer at Labietis Brewery on the trendy Aristida Brina (Street).

The Old Town Hall Square, a market square with cobblestones from the thirteenth century that was damaged during World War II, is another location.

Beyond the city limits, lone tourists can enjoy day journeys to the historic town of Csis, the beach resort of Jrmala, and the breathtaking Kemeri National Park.


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is among the top destinations in Europe for lone travellers. This city has everything to enjoy on a short trip or a longer one, including culture, beaches, food, and nightlife.

One must visit Lisbon’s Old Town (city centre) and take a walking tour to learn about the distinctive Pombal architecture, which was constructed all across the city following the devastating earthquake of 1775.

Don’t forget to explore the beautiful areas of Chiado, Baixa, and Alfama as well. Spend an hour or so exploring the historic Alfama and taking in the cityscapes from the numerous miradouros. The Miradouro das Portas do Sol is one of my personal favourites.

The Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisbon Cathedral, and the Commerce Square are additional must-see sights in the old city of Lisbon. Take an opportunity to travel on the Santa Justa Lift and Tram 28 to enjoy the city from above. Don’t pass up the opportunity to see Lisbon, which is referred to as the “City of Seven Hills.”

Make your way to the Belem area from the old city centre, where you can visit the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge, the Jerónimos Monastery, and of course the famous Belem Tower. Because of their popularity, you should plan a full day and reserve your tickets in advance in order to visit these two attractions and the surrounding area.

You may simply take a train to Sintra for a brief day excursion if you’re travelling alone, where you can admire the stunning Pena Palace. It is entirely secure to be outside at night. The local public transit network is also reliable and reasonably priced.


One of the best destinations in Europe for lone travellers is Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. This charming university town has a young, active population, so there are lots of contemporary amenities and hip cafes, which is a fun and unexpected contrast to the lovely old streets.

In Freiburg, there are lots of things to do. Thankfully, much of it is accessible by foot from the city centre and is either free or reasonably priced for lone travellers.

Enjoy the 13th-century church and other 13th-century structures in the old town, including Martinstor and Shwabentor, the two surviving mediaeval gates. The church, known as Freiburger Munster, has a striking Romanesque and Gothic design.

The market on the Munsterplatz Square, which is located beneath the church, is also worthwhile. This is the ideal place to buy a memento or indulge in a typical “bratwurst” hot dog. There are even vegan options!

Flammkuchen, a sort of French pizza, Raclette, and fried potatoes are additional traditional foods worth trying.

Due to Freiburg’s proximity to the borders of Germany, Switzerland, and France, the traditional cuisine is characterised by a blend of these three countries’ specialties. Additionally, complement it with a wine from one of the nearby wineries in Freiburg.

Walking the little more than a kilometre up Schlossberg (Castle Hill) to see the breathtaking views over Freiburg and beyond is one of the best things to do here.

For true nature lovers, you shouldn’t miss going on a hike through the nearby Black Forest. For some fantastic panoramic views of the forest as well, you can easily take a day trip to the nearby mountain Shausinland, which is located just outside the city.


Seville, the hottest city in Europe, is the birthplace of flamenco and the scene of the impassioned opera Carmen. It is located in southern Spain.

Here within the exquisite walls of the Real Alcazar, Christopher Colombus got both authorization and funding for his trip that changed the course of history. Seville became one of the most significant towns in the world at the time after he hired his sailors from the Triana neighbourhood and returned the wealth from the Americas along the Guadalquivir.

The Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold), the white walls of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, and La Giralda, the iconic tower belonging to Seville’s greatest cathedral, are all examples of its architectural appeal.

Due to its small size, the city centre is ideal for those travelling alone. Aside from the amazing architecture and tapas, the local culture emphasises mingling with everyone and whileing away the hours in cafes and bars, making it a highly comfortable setting for meeting new people or reading alone.

Try salmorejo instead of gazpacho in one of the tapas bars (it’s a local favourite), chill off in the ice baths at the Baos Arabes, and see an evening performance of Carmen in one of the gardens close to the Plaza Espana.


Prague, Czech Republic, is undoubtedly one of the best places in Europe to visit alone.

Prague, also known as “the heart of Europe,” is not only a stunning city but also one of the safest in the continent.

Additionally, because it is a smaller city with excellent foot traffic, it is simple to wander around and take in the major attractions, including the Lennon Wall, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and the Charles Bridge.

Since many locals can communicate in multiple languages, including English, it is simple to meet new people and ask for directions when needed.

Pro tip: Try eating at one of the many outdoor restaurants in Old Town if you’re interested in networking with other travellers.

The crowded outdoor café tables are the ideal spot to enjoy some casual dining, a pilsner, and conversation with other tourists while admiring the magnificent architecture of the “City of a Hundred Spires.” It’s also a great place to enjoy some delectable hot grog in the winter, a Prague specialty that tastes a lot like a hot toddy.

Prague is a reasonably affordable place to travel alone, especially by European standards. Starting at $112 per night, you can reserve a room at the 5-star Kings Court Hotel, which is close to Old Town Square and Prague’s renowned Astronomical Clock.

The Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, also known as The Bone Church, the Terezin Concentration Camp (heavy but significant), and the renowned spa town of Karlovy Vary are all worthwhile day trips from Prague for tourists looking to see more of the Czech Republic.


Copenhagen, ah. Home to tall people, long canals, the world’s longest pedestrian street, hipster hangouts crowded with perfectly coiffed beards, and hands-off cyclists. Finally, the capital of Denmark is a blessing for lone travellers.

How so?

It’s as secure as cities come! You’ll feel safe even if you wander into one of the “rough” neighbourhoods. People abide strictly by traffic signals. You can tackle it alone, even at night, and you’ll be fine — just remember to keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Furthermore, 86 percent of Danes are fluent in English, and many of them also speak a third language like Spanish or German. Copenhagen is home to visitors from all over the world.

Additionally, you can bike anywhere. The best way to see the city is by bicycle, especially since bike lanes are typically set apart from other traffic lanes. Visitors can clearly see how deeply ingrained in the culture city cycling is in Copenhagen, which invented the practise.

You can explore cities on the longest days during spring and summer. In a true Scandinavian nation, the amount of daylight varies greatly from season to season. Days are extremely long during this period. Additionally, it never gets very hot. Therefore, if you enjoy spending long days travelling alone, you are free to do so as much as you like. This is not always possible when travelling with a friend.

Danes may not seem particularly sociable, but they are incredibly curious. Striking up a conversation on your own can be somewhat difficult. Danes are very respectful of other people’s personal space, but once you strike up a conversation, you’ll discover that they are incredibly curious.

Visit the Christiania Freetown as a solo traveller in Copenhagen to learn about some of the values that many Danes hold in “high regard.”

Spend a day at the Tivoli Gardens as well, which was among the first theme parks ever built. Every season, the park’s theme and ornaments are changed, and it is a breathtaking wonder in the middle of the city. Check the dates in advance because it isn’t open constantly.

And of course, go crazy walking the streets of the city! Copenhagen exploration is a true delight. Cool neighbourhoods like Vesterbro and Christianshavn, sizable parks, opulent streets, palaces, canals, and museums are all over the place.

What’s best? Everyone heads outside for a beer and a catch-up with friends as soon as the weather starts to improve, which makes Copenhagen very lively and enjoyable!


What images do you have in mind when you consider Greece? You probably think of it as only a romantic getaway, as do the majority of others, but you probably don’t realise that it contains some of Europe’s most charming locations for lone travellers.

Athens, the capital of Greece, has a fascinating history you can learn about during the day, as well as a vibrant nightlife where you can mingle and have fun with both tourists and locals.

In addition to visiting the Acropolis, which is typically at the top of visitors’ lists when they visit Athens, you can hike up Mount Lycabettus for stunning views, dine at some of the city’s delectable taverns, and visit some fascinating museums like the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Museum of the City of Athens.

Aegina and Hydra are two nearby islands that you might want to visit, as well as journeys from Athens to Delphi, Meteora, Mycenae, and Cape Sounion if you want to learn more about Greece.

What should I eat while I’m in Athens?

Well, while in the city, you can sample numerous wonderful cuisines. Try a bite of the typical Greek salad, also known as horiatiki, if you haven’t already. Kalamata olives, red onion, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, and feta cheese are the ingredients.

Saganaki, Greek bouyourdi, dolmades, and souvlaki are some options to try if you enjoy trying new foods.

Visit the downtown eatery Tzitzikas kai Mermigas, which is conveniently situated close to Syntagma Square, if you’re looking for a place to eat. Both residents and visitors find the eatery to be quite popular.

Finally, one of the nicest hotels in the city with views of the Acropolis is the Athens Gate Hotel. However, the Plaka district should be taken into consideration if you wish to remain close to the Acropolis to benefit from convenient access to the city’s major attractions.


Although Innsbruck is a much smaller and lesser-known gem of Austria, I would strongly recommend including it on your schedule if you are travelling alone in Europe. It was my favourite city in Austria after I visited it on my own, surpassing Vienna and Salzburg.

This is also a well-liked winter sports location and is situated in the Alps. Your heart will melt at its charming Old Town, tiny, winding lanes, colourful buildings, and stunning mountain backdrop. Additionally, it has some stunning modern and imperial architecture, making even a simple stroll through its streets worthwhile.

You can converse and meet up with many young individuals in the city because it is a university town.

With a relatively low crime rate, Austria is also a highly safe place to travel. It’s one of the safest locations in Europe for lone travellers. Additionally, Austrian towns are quite simple to navigate, it is always easy to find convenient lodging and transportation, and speaking English is fairly simple.

In addition, going there need not be expensive. You can definitely accomplish that by doing things like taking the public transportation, eating local cuisine, and obtaining an Innsbruck City Card.

Take the Nordkette Cable Car to the Hafelekar Peak, the Golden Roof, the top of the Town Tower, and Swarovski Crystal World if you’re looking for things to do in Innsbruck.


Barcelona is actually a safer city for me to travel alone than Paris. Don’t get me wrong, Paris is fantastic, but whenever I compare these two cities that I frequently visit, Barcelona always comes out on top.

I went to Barcelona for the first time in 2012, and I instantly fell in love. I made the decision after that trip to go back every year and stay for at least a month. Barcelona just makes you feel at ease while you’re travelling alone, as like nothing is to worry about.

I adore how simple it is to meet people when travelling alone in Barcelona, especially if you stay in hostels. Everyone in my dorm room in Barcelona was so social that I actually made friends within an hour of arriving, and I am certain that this is due to the spirit of the city. People become more naturally joyful and cordial as a result.

Barcelona is a young city that attracts a lot of young professionals and digital nomads from the European Union. Meeting new folks won’t be a problem.

I speak Spanish really well, so getting around Barcelona on my own was simple for me. Although I usually tell people that Spain is the best country to learn Spanish—which, by the way, is different from learning in Latin America—it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be difficult if you don’t speak the language. You should be aware that not everyone speaks English fluently, but you’ll manage.

Barcelona is more affordable than the majority of western European nations if you’re a solitary traveller on a tight budget. I pay less than €1,000 EUR for a studio in the city when I stay here for a month. I can have my daily coffee for less than €2 EUR and a beer for about €3 EUR.

There is always something to do in Barcelona. In contrast to many other western European cities, this one allows you to quickly access the beach, which is what I enjoy most about it.

When organising your own European trip, don’t forget to include Barcelona. It will be worthwhile, I assure you!

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